Sports company promises to splash money on Ghana Premier League, boxing, others

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Emmanuel Asante- Financial Manager of Sports Cul

Sports Cul Ghana Limited, a sports and culture organization with its Turkish counterparts will from February 2017 support the National Premier League with GH¢171,500,000 per annum for the next 12 years.

Division One clubs are also expected to receive 50 per cent of GH¢171,500,000 as well as the women’s league and beach soccer.

The Financial Manager of Sports Cul, Mr. Emmanuel Asante, said each club in the Premiership would receive GH¢250,000 per month to cater for players and officials of the team.

At a mini press briefing in Accra at the weekend, he said each player of a 30-man squad team would receive an amount of GH¢2,000  each month.

Referees and match commissioners would also receive GH¢3,000 per match with accommodation and other logistics catered for by Sports Cul.

Mr. Asante said the aim of Sports Cul Ghana Limited was to make the Ghana league very attractive and to retain players in Africa to boost the sporting industry.

Mr. Asante said Ghana was the “preferred destination in the sub-region and players from other countries who see the attractive salaries here would want to ply their trade here to make the game more exciting.”

Mr. Asante said the package extends to the 48 clubs in the Division One League as well as 16 women’s league clubs, 16 clubs in the beach soccer as well as athletics. Coaches are also expected to receive between GH¢5,000 and GH¢10,000 each month, depending on their pedigree.

Mr. Asante said apart from the packages, GH¢50,000 would be allocated each month to the clubs to maintain their pitches and expand their infrastructure.

The Sports Cul will also for the first time introduce stewards on match days to curb hooliganism at match centres.

He, however, warned that their organization would withdraw their support if hooliganism persist for three years during the first phase of the project.

According to him, boxers in various boxing clubs would not be left out under the package, as plans are underway for their monthly remunerations as well as putting their various gyms into good shape.

The package would also include seminars for various Supporters Unions of sporting clubs on hooliganism and other social vises against the sports.

Mr. Asante said the package were to make sure that sports was devoid of briberies and counter accusations that bedevil the sports.

The Sports Cul Financil Manager said clubs that qualify for African Club Championship would also be supported as well as the Black Stars.

He indicated that the move was to support the clubs financially as they prepare for the new league season.


By Seth Osabukle

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