Spate of lawlessness alarming—Sulemana Braimah

ALARMING- Mr. BraimahExecutive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa has bemoaned the increasing lawlessness that has characterised President Nana Akufo-Addo’s government, almost six months after being sworn into office.

In a post on his Facebook page, Sulemana Braimah, who has in the past expressed frustration at the spate of lawlessness by some youths of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), especially in the appointment of people into positions, said the situation cannot be allowed to fester.

“The level of lawlessness, crime and impunity in our country is becoming really alarming. NPP vigilante groups unleashing terror everywhere with impunity, stories of murders here and there,” he lamented.

Mr Braimah noted that the past few months have witnessed a rather strange spate of attacks unleashed on either individuals or state facilities by pro NPP vigilante groups unhappy with what they consider as the ‘appointment of non-NPP’ persons into positions of power.
More than 200 members of the Kumasi based Delta Force attacked one George Agyei, then Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator and dragged him out of his office.

The group said he was on ‘honeymoon’ at the time the party was still in the trenches working to unseat the NDC. Some members of the group were arrested and put before court for trial.
Other members who felt unhappy with the trial process stormed the court and freed their members, an action which received nationwide condemnation.

Then on Tuesday some disgruntled party youth demonstrated against the confirmation of the Municipal Chief Executive for Savelugu-Nantong, Hajia Ayishetu Seidu, who is reported to be under siege after her confirmation.
The angry protesters accuse her of being an ‘alien’ in the party because according to them, she did nothing to help the party return to power, but has been rewarded with a position. They have vowed never to accept her for the position.

Mr Braimah indicated that such arrogance and open disrespect to state institutions fly in the face of the government’s own mantra of providing development in a safe environment.

“No, this should not continue. Where is the state security machinery? We were promised Development in Freedom NOT Development in Fear,” he stressed.

Mr Braimah pointed out that questions are being asked about the importance of having many persons appointed into security positions, but unable to get a grip on the deteriorating nature of security in the country, which appears to be a headache the government must solve. –

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