SMEs urged to leverage on technology to expand …….As 2nd SMEs Young Chief Executives Officers Summit launched

The 2nd Ghana Small Medium and Enterprises (SMEs) and Young Chief Executives Officers Summit has been launched in Accra with a call on SMEs to leverage on technology to expand and enhance their businesses.

To be held under the theme “Corporate Leadership Governance and Technology; Strong Pillars for Business and Economic Growth, the programme is slated for November 26, 2018 in Accra.

The programme is expected to attract about 500 Young CEOs and operators in the SME sector across the country to discuss measures to promote good corporate and leadership governance in the SME sector.

Yeo Ziobeieton, Managing Director of Unilever Ghana, who launched the programme, said  technology had become an important tool for companies to sell their products and reach a lot of customers in real time.

“Today marketers can reach wider well segmented audiences with the use of special software; sales executives are able to track their sales more accurately with the use of point of sale devices; finance practitioners are better able to analyse revenue and outflows and make projections with excel applications,” he said.

Mr Ziobeieton said research indicated that there was a link between the use of Information Communication Technology and economic growth.

He commended Mr Ernest De-Graft Egyir, CEO and Founder of the Chief Executives Network Ghana for the initiative to bring Young CEOs together to brainstorm on good corporate and governance issues to build a vibrant SMEs industry in Ghana.

He said generating growth by the SMEs was crucial for their success but said “why and how we generate growth is more important,” and urged SMEs to take issues of accountability and integrity seriously.

Mr Egyir in his remarks entreated the government to develop a law to regulate corporate leadership and governance in the country, arguing that since corporate leadership and governance were not mandatory, businesses were not going by them.

He said the summit was meant to bring Young CEO and CEOs of SMEs to deliberate on corporate governance and leadership issues.

He said good corporate leadership governance issues had become a big challenge to corporate bodies and businesses in the country, indicating that bad corporate leadership and governance were part of the reasons of the collapse seven banks in the country.

“If good corporate leadership and governance is problem to the listed companies, what about the SMEs which contribute about 70 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, and 92 percent of operational businesses in Ghana,” Mr Egyir quizzed.

He said summit, which would be very interactive approach, would attract business magnate such as the Executive Chairman of McDan Group, Dr Daniel Mckorley, to share his experience on how he nurtured his business to become a big global company and also have an exhibition to participating companies to exhibit their products and services.

Dr Mckorley who chaired the programme, said the theme of the programme was very important considering the happenings in the business sector in general and the banking sector in particular, saying that among the prominent reasons for the collapse of most of the banks were poor corporate leadership governance.

The CEO of Heritage Bank, Patrick Fiscian in his remarks urged SMEs to take corporate leadership and governance issues seriously and develop a strategy for them.



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