‘Sissala NPP becoming unattractive’

Mr John Boadu

Mr John Boadu

Some  Electoral Coordinators of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Sissala East Municipality of the Upper West Region have petitioned the President to remove Karim Nanyua, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for abuse of office.


According to them, if the MCE continues to remain in office the party will become unattractive and lose massive votes in the area.


“Since the nomination of Karim Nanyua as MCE for Sissala East and his subsequent approval by Assembly Members in May 2017, his conduct, poor managerial and leadership skills and his attitude of untruthful has given our party a bad image in the municipality.

This was contained in a petition to the president saying “his behaviour has further affected the growth and development of our party, caused despondency and disenchantment among the rank and file of our party, taking the shine of the achievements and positive strides of the government away, making the NPP a mocking stock in the municipality.

“We the electoral area coordinators in the Sissala East Constituency with full blessings of former constituency officers, immediate past electoral area coordinators, polling station executives, elders, patrons and the entire structure of the party humbly plead with the president to immediately release Karim Nanyua of his post and duties.

“We will use the petition to humbly plead with you to have him fired with immediate effect,” they said.  -pulse.com.gh

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