Shots Fired At Liberia Ebola Protest

imagesPolice in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, have fired live rounds and tear gas during protests after a quarantine was imposed to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

Residents of the capital’s West Point slum area say the barbed wire blockade stops them buying food and working.

Four people are said to have been injured in the clashes.

Liberia has seen the most deaths — 576 — in the world’s worst Ebola outbreak, which has hit West Africa this year.

A total of 1,350 have died in four countries – Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, as well as Liberia.

Hundreds of West Point residents protested on Wednesday after security forces erected blockades around the slum.

One 15-year-old boy was injured in West Point as he tried to cross the barbed-wire barricades erected by the security forces, who fired into the air to disperse the protesters.

“I don’t have any food and we’re scared,” West Point resident Alpha Barry told Reuters news agency.

The authorities said they had delivered some emergency food aid to the area on Wednesday.

Residents of other Monrovia districts said they were unhappy at not being able to buy food in West Point market.

“We go to West Point market to buy food for our children, and since this morning our children have not yet eaten,” Hawa Massally told AP.

The BBC’s Jonathan Paye-Layleh in Monrovia says troops are patrolling in West Point, the country’s largest slum which is home to more than 50,000 and sprawls along the Atlantic coast. Ferries have been halted and coast-guard boats are monitoring the coastline. — BBC



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