‘Sharia’ MP Apologises

Nelson Abudu BaaniThe Daboya/Makarigu Member of Parliament, Nelson Abudu Baani, who advocated the stoning to death and hanging of adulterous Ghanaian women, has swallowed back his words after days of intense public backlash.

Last week, he suggested that a law be passed by the House that will allow stoning to death or hanging as punishment for unfaithful wives, but his ‘crusade’ has not gone down well with women’s rights groups, civil society, and some of his colleague lawmakers.

Although Baani has defended his stance on various media platforms, he has now withdrawn the comments and apologised.

He said his unconditional apology was to allow the matter to die adding that he was “quoted out of context by citing those Saudi Arabia examples”.

“I was just trying to make some examples like in Saudi Arabia. If what I said, people don’t understand it, I am sorry, and I’m not cruel,” Mr. Baani stated.

Mr. Baani first made the suggestion for the implementation of the Sharia-like law during discussions on the Intestate Succession bill in Parliament last Thursday.

He then claimed: “This statement that I made, all the women are against me, lambasting me on other radio stations, but why are they afraid of this thing?

“Why are they afraid that if you cheat on your husband you should be stoned or (hanged) to death, why are they afraid?” he questioned.

“That’s my opinion, I just want punishment for women who will be adulterous…so if other people have any type of punishment, they should bring it,” he said.


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