Shai Osudoku District fails to elect PM

The Shai Osudoku District Assembly has failed to elect a Presiding Member (PM) for the assembly after two rounds of voting.

The incumbent, Benjamin Manye and the challenger, Jonathan Kwabla Kene failed to get the 67 per cent needed to be elected as the PM.

Mr. Manye got 14 votes out of 33 representing 43.8 per cent in the first round while Mr. Kene got 18 votes representing 56.2 per cent.

During the second round of voting, Mr. Manye got 12 votes representing 37.5 per cent, Mr Kene getting 20 votes representing 62.5 per cent short of the 22 votes needed to become the PM.

The meeting was subsequently adjourned to December 28 as required by the standing orders.

Mr. Manye and Kene have two weeks to woo members of the assembly to their side to enable him become the PM for the next two years.

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