SG-Ghana, Prudential launch educational plan

•   Mr. Kwaku Tweneboah-Kodua (left), Head of Retail, SG-Ghana, speaking at the event. With him are other officials of both the bank and Prudential Life.

• Mr. Kwaku Tweneboah-Kodua (left), Head of Retail, SG-Ghana, speaking at the event. With him are other officials of both the bank and Prudential Life.

Societe Generale Ghana and Prudential Life Insurance Ghana have launched the Sound Education Plan to help parents achieve the best possible future for their children.

The launch followed the signing of a partnership agreement between the two organisations in April 2015 which allows customers to buy Prudential’s life insurance products in Societe Generale’s 40 branches and outlets throughout Ghana.

The plan enables parents to save for school or university fees while also receiving high interest.

As the plan is an insurance product, Prudential will continue to make payments into it even if a parent passes away or is permanently disabled.

It is the first education plan in Ghana to feature a unique four per cent bonus which is awarded to parents who pay all of their premiums, in addition to the usual interest they will get at the end of the plan.

This plan is designed to guarantee customers that their children will be able to enjoy a great education, regardless of unfortunate circumstances that may affect the parents.

By paying as little as 30 cedis a month, parents will be able to save easily for their children’s school or university fees.

Speaking at the launch Mr. Emmanuel Mokobi Aryee, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Ghana, said “Prudential is glad to partner with Societe Generale as we share a common interest in providing superior financial solutions, to better the quality of life of our customers.”

He said “In this instance, we are providing parents the opportunity to save for the most significant investment they will ever make. This is to give their children good uninterrupted education with our Sound Education Plan”.

Mr. Francois Marchal, Deputy Managing Director of Societe Generale Ghana, said: “We are delighted to launch the unique Sound Education Plan with Prudential, which is one of the world’s leading life insurance companies. We are committed to giving our customers the best possible range of products, especially when it comes to insurance and look forward to working with Prudential over the coming years as we grow our insurance portfolio.

“Through this plan and this partnership, we are building Prudential’s future in Ghana and contributing to Societe Generale’s growth,” he said.

He said “By choosing Prudential Insurance Limited, the Bank places itself in peak position to be the one of the best, if not the best Bancassurance service provider on the market. This choice of partner also illustrates the bank’s commitment to giving our customers the best and widest possible range of products.”

Mr. Marchal said “Our objective is to take full advantage of the wealth of experience Prudential Insurance brings with them and train a large number of In-branch staff to become experts in the field.”

By David Adadevoh

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