‘Several factors cost Africa in Russia’



FIRST assistant coach of the Black Stars, Ibrahim Tanko, has said that the poor performance of African countries at the World Cup was due to a number of factors on the pitch and beyond football.

The assistant coach believed the poor performance of the African representatives at the World Cup had been due to inadequate preparation, lack of concentration, fasting among the Arabic representatives and monetary problems.

“When competing countries begin to prepare for the World Cup, you realise that for Africans, it has always been a problem. Our preparation processes have been below par compared to what other countries do to arrive at the tournament,” he said.

Speaking to Asempa Sports on Monday, he mentioned that lack of concentration on the part of the players on the field of play also contributed to their early exit out of the competition.

“If you watch the African teams carefully, you realise that they all conceded goals after 80th minutes of the games played. They failed to appreciate the fact that football is played in 90 minutes and more. The Senegalese conceded at a time the Colombians realised that they were tired and lost concentration,” he indicated.

The former Cameroon assistant coach at the Brazil 2014 World Cup also stressed that he believes as a Muslim himself, it is true that the Arab representatives [Egypt, Morroco and Tunisia] have lost energy following their period of the holy fasting and could not stand solidly in the games.

He further stressed that monetary problems also compound the poor performance of the African countries at the World Cup.

“There has always been a problem on how to make sure the players are settled financially before or during the World Cup; this makes some of the players very reluctant to play their hearts out. It happened at the 2014 World Cup when I was the assistant coach of Cameroon and of course the Ghana Black Stars also experienced same,” he added.

He, however, stated that attention be given to such circumstances to prevent them from happening at a major tournament such as the World Cup.


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