Senegal interrogates 900 people in counter-terrorism operation

Senegal said on Tuesday it had interrogated some 900 people over a three-day period as part of efforts to prevent attacks by Islamist militants following a series of strikes in the region.

The former French colony has a reputation for stability in an otherwise turbulent region, having never suffered a major attack, despite sharing a border with Mali where al Qaeda-linked fighters have been active in desert areas for years.

But two high-profile attacks targeting foreigners in the capitals of Mali and Burkina Faso, since November, have added to signs that an Islamist insurgency is spreading, prompting Senegal to boost security.

“Nearly 900 people were called in for questioning in the context of the security campaign led by national police amid the terrorist threat,” said police spokesman Henry Boumy Ciss, referring to a weekend campaign in the capital Dakar and the nearby city of Thies.


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