Selfie stick banned at Wimbledon

Selfie stickWimbledon has become the latest sporting venue to ban selfie sticks.

The selfie phenomenon has been on the rise of the last few years and the stick has proved to be a popular accessory.

The news that the All England Lawn Tennis Club has become the latest venue to ban selfie sticks will come as a blow to fans wishing to get the perfect snap.

A spokesman for the club told the Sunday Times the move was brought in partly because of the ‘nuisance value’ but ‘primarily so it doesn’t interfere with spectators’ enjoyment’.

Selfie sticks proved immensely popular among those swept up in the craze of taking pictures of themselves using smartphones.

Boris Johnson, Beyonce and Barack Obama – who used one during a video promotion at the White House – are among those seen with the devices.

However, they have met increasing resistance in recent months.

Earlier this year they were banned from the National Gallery. The venue in Trafalgar Square, central London, placed the devices in the same category as tripods, which are already prohibited, and the move prompted other cultural venues to consider following suit.

Tottenham banned them from White Hart Lane after a complaint from a fan, while they have also been barred at a number of galleries and museums in the US and France.

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