Seek Certification for lifts, hoists from GSA – Prof Doodo

Prof. Alex Dodoo

Prof. Alex Dodoo

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) says individuals and organisations which have installed lifts and hoists should seek certification from the Authority.

According to the Authority, it classified lifts and hoists as instruments of weighing and hence requires all persons who operate and have installed in their buildings to seek certification in line with the National Redemption Council Decree (N.R.C.D) 326.

The Decree in part states that “having their installed lifts/hoists inspected, verified and a certificate of verification issued” and “having a working relationship with GSA to inspect, verify, certify and authenticate any such lifts/hoists in buildings regularly as prescribed by law.”

The GSA in a press statement copied to the Ghanaian Times in Accra on Friday and signed by the Director General, Professor Dodoo urged the public and public organisations to comply with the requirements on lifts and hoists.

“Please contact the Director General for any further information.  Failure to comply with these legal provisions may attract the prescribed legal sanctions,” the statement said.

It said the GSA was set up by the GSA Act, N.R.C.D 173 and  is the Custodian of Weights and Measures and Inspectors of weighing and measuring devices under the Weights and Measures Decree, 1975 (N.R.C.D 326).

The statement said section 11 of the N.R.C.D Decree 326 among others states that “subject to provision of this section, every weight, measure and instrument for weighing or measuring for use in trade or industry shall be verified and stamped by an inspector with a stamp or verification and the in inspector shall issue a certificate of verification.”

It said the Decree further states that “any person who has in his possession for use in trade or industry any weight, measure or instrument for weighing or measuring shall retain in his possession the certificate of verification issued in respect thereof and shall produce the certificate for inspection whenever required.”

The statement said section 7 of the N.C.R.D Decree, inter alia,   stipulates that “An inspector shall not verify, stamp, certify or authenticate any weight, measure or instrument for weighing or measure where,”  “I is not in conformity with subsection 9 (1) or 9 (2)”,  “it presents unusual features which do not conform to such Pattern or Specification as the Custodian of Weights and Measures may prescribe …” and “it fails to comply with any of the provision of this Decree or regulations made thereunder.”

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