Security beefed up at Achimota Sch…. As decomposing body is buried

The decomposed dead body

The decomposed dead body

The Ghana Police Service has collected the dead body near the main campus of Achimota Senior High School and beefed up security around the school lands.

This followed The Ghanaian Times’ report on the matter yesterday.

The police, earlier in the morning, secured a court order to enable it take the body for burial due to its level of decomposition.

Later, some police personnel led by the Accra Regional Police Command, together with a pathologist, went to the area to take the body, which was just a stone’s throw from the Pure Fire Miracles Ministries International Church, close to the school.

Speaking to The Ghanaian Times, the Divisional Commander of Tesano Police Station, Chief Superintendent of Police Lydia Donkor, said the police had initially planned to conduct a post-mortem on the body, but later rescinded the decision due to the decomposition of the body.

She explained that the level of decomposition indicated that the body might have been lying there for many weeks.

Chief Supt. Donkor allayed the fears of residents of Achimota, and assured them of police protection.

According to her, there would be continuous police patrol in the area to prevent any such accident.

At least, five bodies have been found in less than one year on the school premises, which have been encroached upon by squatters, and estate developers.

A corpse was seen last Friday, by some scrap dealers near the school, causing fear and panic among staff and students as well as residents.

Grasses and tree leaves were seen covering the body, which produced a strong stench.

Some residents told The Ghanaian Times that the body had been lying in the bush for weeks, explaining that efforts to get the police to retrieve it had proven futile.

Some residents said the victim might have been murdered elsewhere, and dumped in the bush.

Others said that the site was being used by wee smokers and, therefore, assumed that the person might have been killed there.

A resident told The Ghanaian Times there had been many gruesome murders and assaults in the area recently.

He related how a woman with a baby strapped at her back, was murdered by a man who stabbed her with a knife from behind, adding that “The woman had gone to fetch water for her household when she met her untimely death”.

“Apart from her, teachers of the Achimota School have also suffered from ordeals leading to some being hospitalised,” he said, and continued to recount how a teacher relaxing outside his bungalow, was pounced on and butchered with a machete.

He said though security around the area had been intensified in recent times the activities of the perpetrators were still on the rise.

By Charles Amankwa  

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