Security analyst raise concerns over party vigilantism

Mr Bonah

Mr Bonah

Security analyst Adam Bonah has raised concerns over the manner in which cases of lawlessness by vigilante groups are swept under the carpet by law enforcement agencies.

According to him, the agencies had failed to ensure culprits in cases of violence are prosecuted.

Mr Bonah’s comment comes on the back of an attack by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante group, Kandahar Boys on the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tamale Teaching Hospital, Dr. David Akolbila, demanding his removal.

The incident is one of many that had occurred in the country over the years, with the groups invading public places to demand the removal of authorities.

Speaking on the issue, Mr Bonah questioned the reason behind the failure on the part of the police to bring perpetrators of the acts of violence and lawlessness to book.


“I was expecting by this time, the police should have interrogated those people but to add salt to injury, only one person has been arrested since the issue occurred.

“I think the police should go after all of them, but to say we have arrested just one of them, to me, we need to be asking the police a lot of questions.

“Is there anything we do not know with regards to getting those hoodlums and criminals arrested but the police end up shielding culprits because of interference from political figures.

“This acts as a catalyst for some youth and vigilante groups to continue carrying out violence because locking up offices, Bugri Naabu mentioned he asked them to undertake some of them but he’s still walking free.

“If we still have the people walking in the system and have not been invited by the police, we can say young people can be urged on to take the law into their own hands.

“The structure of the Police Service ought to be examined, to ensure that persons appointed to man the Service are not people who kowtow to political pressure in order to resolve 99 per cent of police and security issues in the country.

“I urged political parties to desist from interfering in the work of law enforcement agencies, and allow them enhance security in the country by cracking the whip on vigilante groups and other persons found breaking the law,” Mr Bonah stressed.


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