Security agents quell riots at Wa

A victim of the riot Fire Service personnel putting the fire off

A victim of the riot Fire Service personnel putting the fire off

It took the combined force of the police and military to quell a riotous crowd that had massed up at the Upper West Regional Police headquarters at Wa, last Saturday.

They were protesting the shooting of a 24year-old teacher at the Sukpayiri traffic light in the Wa Municipality.

The incident, which continued into the early hours of Sunday, saw the irate crowd block major roads in the town, and set fire to lorry tyres at principal streets in the municipality, in protest against the action of the police.

The rampaging youth pelted the police with stones and other objects, destroyed property and police vehicles.

An eye witness, who spoke to The Ghanaian Times, on condition of anonymity, said the teacher, Ali Rashid, and his friend, were riding an unregistered motorcycle, and when they reached the Sukpayiri traffic light, at about 8:30pm, a policeman  stopped them and tried to take the motor keys away from them.

The eye witness said this resulted in a scuffle between the two riders and the policeman, and sensing danger the policeman opened fire at Rashid who was the pillion rider in the groin.

After shooting him, eye witness said the policeman made the victim, who was bleeding, to kneel down on the street while wriggling in pain.

He said the situation incensed some people, who attempted to rescue the victim, and this resulted in a scuffle between the policeman and the residents, and the policeman called for reinforcement.

The eye witness said a police patrol team arrived at the scene and whisked the victim away to the regional headquarters, and the youth massed up and invaded the station.

He said the chaotic situation compelled the police to call for reinforcement from the airborne detachment force, stationed in Wa, who came to help disperse the crowd.

Subsequently, the victim was rushed to the Upper West Regional hospital, and the security personnel were pelted with stones and other objects, breaking the windscreen of the military pick up used in the operation.

Meanwhile, the Upper West Regional Minister, Alhaji Alhassan Suleman, who visited the scene called for calm.

He also visited the victim, at the hospital, and assured that investigations would be conducted into the incident, to ensure justice.

From Cliff Ekuful, Wa



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