Second global PPP conference to be held in Kumasi

C-NERGY Global Holdings, an investment advisory services firm registered in South Africa, in partnership with the Ministry of Finance, will hold the second Global Public-Private Partnership (PPP) conference in Ghana.

The conference, slated for today, to Thursday, in Kumasi, is under the theme, ‘Building capacity to support local infrastructure development through public-private partnership’.

A statement issued by the organisers in Accra at the weekend, said the conference sought to strengthen the skill sets within the district assemblies across the sub-region to implement PPP projects seamlessly for accelerated development.

“The conference is positioned to broaden practical knowledge and skills of key participants, and to provide hands-on practice that demystifies the structuring of PPPs in the sub-region, on the back of the broad legislative and institutional framework that has been developed within the last couple of years,” it said.

The objectives of the framework, according to the statement, include, building on the experiences shared in the previous year’s conference and to assess how far the country has come in implementing the key projects identified and to address bottlenecks that impede the smooth implementation of PPPs at all levels.

It said it would further offer a range of international investors and private sector participants, direct insight into the infrastructure investment priorities and the economic development vision of the government of Ghana.

“Secondly, to provide senior public officials in Ghana (and in the ECOWAS region), the opportunity to gain practical knowledge on the formulation and implementation of Public-Private Partnerships in the hope of igniting a proactive wave of proposals and initiatives from related sectors,” it said.

The statement also said the conference would share the international experiences of other countries with the view that their lessons learnt would provide guidance to the district assemblies especially, as it seeks to accelerate on the PPP path to bridge the infrastructure gap.

The conference has been divided into two parts, first part is a scene-setting session with the Key Note address from policy makers, Ministry of Finance and Industry experts articulating government policy and direction with respect to PPPs as a viable alternative funding approach for infrastructure development.

The second part of the conference will be training and workshop sessions on the key sectors of interest to local government authorities including markets, car parks, sanitation and educational infrastructure.

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