‘Scrap Special Devt Initiatives Ministry’

Mr. cudjoe

Mr. cudjoe

The President of Policy Think Tank, IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has called on the government to scrap the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives.
According to the IMANI president, the ministry continued to duplicate roles in the system leading to a waste of the country’s scarce resources.

The ministry, headed by Mavis Hawa Koomson is one of the new ministries created by the government after winning the 2016 elections but a section of the citizenry believe the ministry is useless since not much has been seen as part of its work.

She disclosed that the ministry had undertaken projects in 275 constituencies with the one million cedis allocated to it and started implementing several projects under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme to improve livelihoods across the country.

Mrs. Koomson had said some of the projects included the building of warehouses, sanitation facilities, provision of safe drinking water and the construction of dams under the government’s one-district-one-dam programme.

She noted that the ministry had rolled out projects at the constituency level including 1000 community mechanised water systems with solar powered panels, underwater for all projects adding that under sanitation, 1000 institutional water closet toilet systems with solar power mechanised borehole had been installed.

However, Mr. Cudjoe bemoaned “the ministry has involved itself in water and sanitation challenges which are being tackled already by existing functional institutions.

“I don’t understand why the ministry of sanitation is actually going ahead to take over the community water and sanitation and investing in it when there are private players doing well, there are communities interested in paying a little in order to maintain the water systems.
“The President can reduce his elephant-sized government by collapsing the Special Initiatives Ministry, if you give me the opportunity I can go into some of the reasons why the government size should be reduced.

“The Ministry of Special Initiatives should not exist, it is wasting the government’s scarce resources when there are a lot of opportunities for the community water sector to actually grow,” Mr Cudjoe lamented. –citinewsroom.com


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