Scottish ‘No’ Camp Denies Panic

darlingon campaigntrailThe head of the Better Together campaign has denied that plans to set out a timetable for giving more powers to Scotland were a sign of panic. Alistair Darling was speaking after a poll suggested the pro-UK campaign had lost its lead.

The pound subsequently fell to its lowest level in 10 months.

The SNP has dismissed a promise by the Chancellor to unveil a timetable for further devolution if voters reject independence as a last-minute “bribe”. George Osborne said on Sunday that a “plan of action” would be set out in the next few days to give “more powers to Scotland; more tax powers, more spending powers, more powers over the welfare state”.

BBC Scotland’s political correspondent Glenn Campbell has reported that a new body will also be set up to hammer out more powers for Holyrood if there is a “No” vote on 18 September.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Darling acknowledged that the referendum race was “clearly very tight” but said there was no panic.

Alistair Darling: “Every voter in Scotland could now potentially tip the balance in this referendum, but I am confident that we will win”

He added: “We are in a position now where every voter in Scotland could potentially tip the balance in the referendum.

“But I am confident we will win because we do have a very strong, positive vision of what Scotland can be, both in terms of the opportunities and the security that come from being part of the UK, a strengthened Scottish Parliament, with more powers which is what people want and you can do that without having to break up the country to do it.”






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