School children to receive a­rts and culture skills

School children across the country will be afforded the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and skills in arts and culture, when messrs Eventual Ltd organised the second edition of ‘fun factory’ soon

Last year’s event was held at Dansoman Accra, with the children who participated in it, trained in arts and culture and their schools presented cash, to help run them and in essence, improve education in the country

This year’s event is scheduled for the second quarter of the year and is expected to attract a massive turn out.

The United Kingdom representative of the organization, Richard Asare Akoto stressed the need for the young ones to be trained in arts and culture, to sharpen their minds and help with their academic work.

“Less privileged children might have great talents in arts and culture it is therefore necessary that they are assisted and given the medium to demonstrate their skills,” emphasised Mr Akoto.

In all about 20 events will be organised across the country.

The Coordinator of the programme Ismel Normeyibey called on organisations to partner Eventual Ltd, to make this year’s festival a success.

Messrs Eventual Ltd has been in existence for only two years, and depends on its own funds as well as sponsorships in it s quest to assist the less-privileged in society.

By Michael D. Abayateye


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