Sanitation minister explains role

The Minister of Sanitation, Joseph Kofi Adda has said that his portfolio comprises initiating policies to transform the sanitation sector in its entirety and not to “go about sweeping the streets or collecting waste”.

Responding to critics who have called for his dismissal over his inability to deal with the country’s sanitation problems, the minister asserted that such calls showed people did not understand the purpose for which the ministry was established.

“You send me to a new terrain, totally virgin area, a place like this that the President wants things done in a very deep-seated manner and you want that to be done tomorrow?”

“You want the minister to go out tomorrow with a broom and a wheelbarrow to collect the waste? That’s not the minister’s job,” Mr Adda said on Accra based Starr FM on Wednesday.

He asked his critics to go back to the drawing to find out exactly the role of the Ministry and how it was to collaborate with other agencies to address the sanitation challenge promising that, “by the middle of this year, I bet you, you will find a totally transformed sanitation sector in this country that will last the test of time”.

Mr. Adda explained that “there are no quick-fixes when it comes to the sanitation sector”, adding that he used the first year to put in place the basic structures and policies needed to ensure that Ghana becomes one of the cleanest countries in the world.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo upon assumption of office created the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources to among other things tackle the high insanitary conditions in the country.

However with over a year in office especially after the President had vowed to make Accra, the nation’s capital, the cleanest city in Africa by year 2020, the sanitation challenge seem to have rather worsened.

This has heightened calls for the President to sack the sector minister over his incompetence to tackle the volume of filth on the streets and prime areas within the capital.

Sanitation minister explains role


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