Sammy Crabbe Supports NPP Scribe

The embattled general secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Agyei Agyepong may now heave a sigh of relief as the second vice chairman of the party, Sammy Crabbe, has jumped to his defense.

Mr.Agyepong has come under a “tornado” of attacks from some national executive members over decision to axe the party’s directors of finance and communications, Opare Hammond and Perry Okudzeto.

On Tuesday, the general secretary and national chairman, Paul Afoko, defended the decision, saying it was an administration matter that was blown out of proportion by some party gurus who were not abreast with the NPP’s constitution.

However, the two have had more flak from their critics since then.

Yesterday, Mr. Crabbe sided with Mr. Akofo and Mr. Agyepong claiming “the general secretary does not require approval from any committee to administer the secretariat. This is all in our constitution”.

He has therefore vowed to defend the general secretary and chairman “in public at all times to ensure they succeed”.

“You cannot, as it were, use the ‘back door’ to get in and attempt to act as chairman or general secretary through committees!” he added.

In a strong worded statement yesterday, Mr. Crabbe said “we cannot and should not attempt to run this party through committees. The constitution is clear that the chairman runs the party, the vices assist the chairman. The vices are assigned duties by the chairman, National Executive Council (NEC) and the National Council (NC). If they do not assign you to anything, you have no work”.

He added that, it was the general secretary manages the secretariat therefore, with the exception of the national organiser, all the secretariat staff, including the directors, were non-elected and subject to administrative orders and actions, which include the administration of annual leave.

“The fact is that these administrative actions have been exercised by former general secretaries and it has not been a problem so why now?

According to him, certain actions may have to be taken by the chairman and, or general secretary and later related to other members of the Steering Committee.

“If we have any problem with an action taken by any of them, during Steering Committee meetings, we go and ask them and not go to the media. We are a team. We rise together and fall together. Let no one think he or she can rise by tearing down any executive”.

It is important that as executives, we understand our roles and responsibilities, he asserted.



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