FOLKLORE has it that the celebration of Father’s Day began in the USA, particularly in the state of West Virginia in 1908, in response to a mining disaster that left hundreds of children fatherless.

It further says that the day was formerly designated in a proclamation in 1966 by former US President Lyndon Johnson.

Since then, Father’s Day has become a time to honour the men who contribute positively to society’s future.

It is also a time to recommit ourselves to promoting positive fatherhood as an answer to many of society’s ills.

It is in this context that we ask; whether fathers are living up to their responsibilities?

Our answer is that many fathers are living up to their responsibilities in an excellent way and there are many more who are not.

The society is filled with many irresponsible fathers which we intend to focus on today.

It is a fact that there are a lot of children who are not living with their biological fathers or are being looked after by single mothers.

We have not come across statistics to show the population of children not living with biological fathers or with single mothers, but we are aware that many children find themselves in that situation.

There may be varied reasons, some genuine and others caused by the irresponsibility of a father.

Our focus is on the irresponsibility of fathers because it is Father’s Day which gives us the opportunity to proclaim loudly and emphatically that irresponsible fatherhood is wrong.

It is an opinion that must be shared by all those who believe that fatherhood is very important in the development of the family.

As a matter of fact, fathers play an indispensable and vital role in the fostering of healthy and well- rounded children.

Indeed, there are no substitutes.

Behavioural studies have proven that lack of a father figure in the home often led to delinquency and other negative practices in the home.

It is evident that positive and strong fathers support the family to bring up responsible children who also contribute to the development of the society.

On the other hand delinquent children indulge in all manner of negative behaviours and become a threat to society.

If all fathers were to contribute their quota and be responsible it is likely we may have a better world with less troubles.

While we salute all responsible fathers we urge all fathers to recommit to promoting positive fatherhood as an answer to the ills of the society.

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