Safety tips from NADMO

The debris at the Goil filling station mart

The debris at the Goil filling station mart


  • Raise alarm to warn others around. Call “192” directly to the Ghana Nationals Fire Service and “999” to General                Emergency “191” to the Police.
  • All fires spread when there is air and fuel, therefore close doors and windows and remove all                                         combustible/ burnable materials around.
  • If the fire is known or suspected to have caused by electricity, then quickly switch off the main.

Initial Fires:

  • Try to fight initial fire and stop them from spreading.
  • Use water, foam ashes, sand and fire extinguisher (foam or powder) to fight ordinary fuel or wood fires.
  • Quickly switch off the main to render electrical fire ordinary, and then fight it with fire extinguisher, sand    and water.
  • Never use water to fight electrical fire when the mains have not been switched off (You may be electrocuted)
  • Don’t use water to fight petrol and oil-based fire (You may end up spreading the fire) Cover initial oil based fire                 with non combustible lids, thick damp materials,                               examples are damp sacks or rag to rid them off air.
  • Never fight any fire with combustible materials examples are dry clothes, papers, sticks plastics and rubber.



  • Call “192” on Ghana National Fire Service (Accra) or call “999” or “191” to the police, and say Fire!
  • Describe where the fire has occurred and the type or cause of the fire. If you can, give clear direction to the                 scene.
  • Evacuate everybody from the scene of the fire and do not stand in the way of the fire fighters.



  • Shut mains and disconnect all appliances in the area, if the cause of the fire is electrical
  • Remove all fuel on its way, examples furniture, paper, clothing, rags, etc). Wet floors and walls with water, use sand and extinguisher.
  • Shut doors and windows and cover them with damp materials to reduce supply of oxygen
  • If you are on a storey building don’ts attempt to jump.
  • Hurry out from crowed halls, but don’t rush out of exit in panic (Such a behaviour leads to preventable deaths resulting from stampede or people falling on others or stamping on them to death.
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