SADA moves to attract investors

Mr.Charles Abugre,CEO,SADA

Mr.Charles Abugre,CEO,SADA

The Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) has completed a 25-year Northern Savanna Ecological Zone (NSEZ) master plan, to strategically position the SADA zone, to attract investors to the area.

SADA was assisted to come out with the plan by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) and consultants from Singapore.

The Chief Executive Officer of SADA, Charles Abugri, in a speech read on his behalf at the launch of this year’s World Tourism Day celebrations at Kintampo, in the Brong-Ahafo Region, announced the initiative.

He said it would help create opportunities, generate employment and ensure economic growth, to reduce poverty and transform the northern savanna ecological zone.

Mr. Abugri said tourism has been identified in the plan as significant in creating jobs and wealth for the people in the SADA enclave of the country.

He indicated that the Kintampo North municipality has been identified in the SADA plan as a tourism cluster, because of the many tourist sites, including the Kintampo falls, the town being centre of Ghana, eco-museums among others.

He said SADA would collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Arts and the Kintampo North assembly to improve tourist sites and develop the undeveloped sites.

According to Mr. Abugri SADA had begun discussions with the various regional offices of the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Centre for National Culture within the SADA zone to map out all underdeveloped and developed tourists sites.

The exercise he said when completed would help in marketing tourist sites to local and foreign investors, and increase domestic and international visits to these sites.

From Daniel Dzirasah, Kintampo


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