Sackey’s trainer apologises for Saturday boxing rowdyism

Coach Vincent Akai Nettey has apologised for his actions that led to Saturday’s ugly boxing spectacle that occurred in the Bukom Boxing Arena, following his boxer, Isaac Sackey’s controversial defeat to Wasiru Mohammed.

In a letter of apology to the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) copied to the Ghana Boxing Federation (GBF) and the management of the Trust Sports Emporium Limited and other stakeholders, the coach asked for forgiveness and promised such events would not happen again.

“I register my unqualified apology to the entire boxing fraternity for the unfortunate post bout incident,” the letter stated.

It added that, “In line of duty, there can be no excuses for the unfortunate incidence. Please accept my unqualified apology and hope such incident will never happen again.”

The GBA earlier apologised to the public for the unfortunate incident where properties were destroyed and human lives were endangered by boxing fans who challenged the referee’s decision to stop the fight after Sackey was knocked down by his opponent in the third round.


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