Rush Energy drink producers reject negative rumours

A trade war is imminent in the energy drink business, as the producers of Rush Energy drink are accusing some unnamed competitors of sabotage.

The management of Twellium Company Limited, in Accra, are alleging that “there are some unseen hands” behind the message circulating in social media that Rush Energy drink contained poisonous chemicals making it unsafe for human consumption.

Mr. Mohammed Kawtharani, the managing director, described the rumours as false and baseless.

The message making the rounds had discouraged people from patronizing the product which the company said was selling faster than it had expected when it established in Ghana two years ago.

The message read: “Please don’t buy or drink any plastic frozen juice called ”Rush”. Customs (Excise and Preventive Service) says it was shipped into Ghana from Nigeria where it has killed 180 people. It is said to contain a poisonous chemical. Please pass this on and save millions……just as I have done” It urged recipients of the message to verify the information on the world wide web by keying in ‘Rush Energy drink’ if they were in doubt about the information.

But Mr. Kawtharani, speaking in an interview with The Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday, said the reasons given by their “detractors” regarding the efficacy of the franchise product were “factually incorrect and misleading”.

Mr. Kawtharani said there are four main reasons why the company was convinced that there were unseen hands behind the message who felt threatened by the wave the drink was making on the market.

“The reasons given by our detractors are factually incorrect because the product in question here is not a juice but an energy drink. It is produced here in Ghana and not shipped into the country from Nigeria, or any other place,” Mr. Kawtharani said.

“Rush Energy drink contains caffeine, ginseng, inosotol and vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 which are all healthy for human consumption and energy boosters,” he said, adding that the drink had gone through all the regulatory processes before finally making it onto the shelves of shops across the country.

“Rush Energy drink has met all the regulatory requirements and has be certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), goes through quarterly inspection, and is produced under strict hygienic conditions with state-of-the-art machines, before release onto the market. I find it difficult to understand why people will deliberately put this out to discredit our brand,” he stated.

“I want to place on record that Rush Energy drink is very safe for human consumption and has passed all the regulatory checks, so there is no need for people to be alarmed about the efficacy of Rush Energy drink,” he stressed.

He said the company was unperturbed by the rumours and would continue to uphold the highest standards it had worked with over the years, and urged patrons to disregard the rumours.

By Julius Yao Petetsi

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