Rival Bolga chief arrives with pomp

Bolga-Naba Raymond Alafia Abilba (long hat)The newly-enskinned Bolga Naaba, Abeka Nog-Buuri Maltenga on Saturday returned to Bolgatanga amidst fanfare and firing of muskets.

Naaba Maltenga was enskinned by the Overlord of the Mamprugu Kindom, Naa Bohago Mahami Abdulai Sheriga, last Wednesday, at Nalerigu in the Northern Region, but on Friday, a second chief, Raymond Alafia Abilba, was installed in Bolgatanga, by another faction.

Known in private life as Mr. Joseph Apekrie Ngaaba, the 35-year-old Naaba Maltinga, a marketing manager of GHACEM in charge of the Northern and Upper East regions, was accompanied to Bolgatanga by the warriors of the Overlord of Mamprugu.

The new chief and his entourage first made a stop-over at the Pwalugu river, which marks the end of the Mamprugu land, where sacrifices of a white ram, a white cock and a number of guinea fowls were offered to the gods, beseeching them for peace.

After the performance of the rites at the Pwalugu river, the group then set off for Bolgatanga and arrived at the family house of the new Bolga Naaba, where his supporters had gathered in their numbers to catch a glimpse of him. They were, however, disappointed as his face was covered pending the slaughtering of a bull yesterday, for more rituals.

Traditional drumming and dancing heralded his arrival, with the warriors of Mamprugu firing muskets in the presence of police personnel who were at the family house to make sure that the peace was not disturbed.

Speaking to newsmen later, Mr. Azamannaba Bertrand, secretary to the chief, announced that Naaba Maltinga decided to go to the Mamprugu Overlord for his enskinment because that was the tradition of Frafras in Bolga.

According to him, since time immemorial, the Bolga Naaba had been installed by the Overlord of the Mamprugu Kingdom.

As part of the sacred rites to crown the new Naaba, a bull was offered as a sacrifice to the gods yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, there was an equally heavy police presence at the palace of Naaba Raymond Alafia Abilba, the rival Bolga Naaba who was enskinned on Friday.

The Times learnt that the heavy police presence at the palaces of the two Bolga Naabas was to avert any possible clash between their supporters.

From Ibrahim Mohammed, Bolgatanga


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