The 1992 Constitution makes it clear that once a President is elected, he or she represents the sovereign will of the people.

Article 57 (2) of the Constitution, provides that the President shall take precedence over all other persons, while Article 58 (1) states, in part, that, “The executive authority of Ghana shall vest in the President…”

The above provisions are not matters of accident. They, indeed, reflect the collective will of the people to entrust the destiny of the nation, in the hands of the President.

It is, therefore, important that the President is seen as an embodiment of the spirit of the nation, and consequently accorded the needed support and respect.

That is not to say the President is above criticism. The criticisms should, however, be expressed with decorum, circumspection and respect, because he is the spirit of the nation, the symbol of Ghana, and represents all Ghanaians, irrespective of political persuasions.

Any invective at him, therefore, is an invective at all Ghanaians.

It is, therefore, regrettable that in recent times, the President has come under a barrage of verbal attacks and insinuations by some political opponents.

Just recently, some Ghanaians living in Berlin, Germany, were reported to have demonstrated against the President, who was on a State visit to that country.

The protesters are said to have held placards with inscriptions attacking the President’s leadership style, to the extent of describing him as mismanaging the affairs of the country.

Even before the President arrived at the forecourt of the Continental Berlin Hotel, the protestors were said to have congregated there, booing and jeering at him.

Some of the insinuations and insults were so filthy, and indecent that, they should neither be published nor printed anywhere.

Ghanaians, both home and abroad, have every right to express their views on the state of the economy, through peaceful means, demonstrations being no exception.

But when such issues turn dirty and nasty, with verbal attacks on the President who is the embodiment of this country, it becomes a bit worrying.

While we condemn this disgraceful act by the President’s accusers, it is important to caution some members of government and leading members of the ruling party, whose negative actions create embarrassment for the President.

The Times wishes to caution all sides of the political divide, to be mindful of their utterances in order not to provoke unwarranted attacks on each other, which in the end, affect the Presidency, negatively.

We should revere the sanctity of the Presidency, as well as respect the person who occupies it!

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