News reports on Friday of the interdiction of Commissioner of Police, (COP), Patrick Edero Timbilla, for his alleged involvement in the police recruitment scam that hit the country, must have come as huge surprise to many Ghanaians.

The allegation, even though, has been swiftly denied by COP Timbilla, nonetheless, is astonishing, and a big blow to the Ghana Police Service.

The dent that this allegation has caused to the Ghana Police Service is that many of those arrested in connection with the scam, are reported to have implicated him by mentioning his name to the Special Task Force set up by the police to investigate the scam.

According to reports, the Task Force, headed by DCOP Bright Oduro, on the face of the evidence at hand, recommended the interdiction of COP Timbilla, pending further investigations.

The Times is very sad about the development in the Ghana Police Service, whose image had already been badly dented by the Afrobarometer research on public perception which established that the service is the most corrupt institution in Ghana.

We are disturbed that at the time the Service is struggling to redeem the bad image and to correct that perception, it has been hit by a gargantuan scam, perhaps, never seen in the history of the Ghana Police Service.

It is difficult to come to terms with how a top ranking police officer could connive with civil individuals and shameful elements within the service to perpetrate such a heinous scam on its own institution.

We are praying and hoping that he would be cleared of any wrong doing, but if he should be found to have connived and perpetrated the scam against his own organisation, the that law must deal with him.

Until COP Timbilla’s name was mentioned as an alleged accomplice, few would believe that Senior Police Officers are connected to such crime aimed at the police service.

As a matter of fact the association of COP Timbilla a high ranking police officer-Director of Human Resources, who is a step away from the Inspector General of Police, is the final nail driven in the coffin.

Whether further investigations exonerate him or not, public confidence in the Police Service has been given a big blow.

As a way of restoring public confidence, it is important for the government to institute reforms into the Police Service to save it from further embarrassment.

Indeed, there are some exceptional and excellent police officers who need to be saved from the unsuitable few who are bent on denting the image of the service.

We cannot imagine that our Police institution which is one of the finest in the world, would be badly bruised by few selfish and greedy individuals within the service.

We would not rest on our oars until the only institution that provides us with domestic as well as international security, is purged of the miscreants within its midst in order to restore the good image it has carved for itself over the years.

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