Rejoinder: German woman petitions cj against Atta Akyea

Dear Sir

My attention has been drawn to your publication No 17,609 ISSN: 08SS-1505 of Monday, September 28, 2015, with the above caption adorning your front page.

I do not know if as a national paper you are trying to help the elderly German woman, Waltraud Wiesent, who you describe as Miss. I can predict that you have more work to do as I believe no amount of national ink and paper can pacify and rest this sorely-vexed woman.

Let me help you with your new assumed role since you have abandoned your ethical training to crosscheck your story from me or other independent sources like the courts.

This middle-aged German woman is a victim of internet romance. A lot of lonely women surf the internet for romance. When they fall into the hands of fraudsters they are induced to part with huge sums of money. The defrauding by false pretences is in the nature of a fortune hunt for non-existent gold. This was the plight of Waltraud Wiesent.

Waltraud Wiesent’s double trouble was that not only did she lose Euro 93,500, £250 but also suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the internet fraudster turned lover. As if that was not enough, her bank in Germany was about to foreclose her mortgaged house. It was in this high-voltage emotional state that she was ushered into my Law offices in February 2014.

The confused, hurt and abused Waltraud Wiesent thought by the snap of her fingers, she could get a jail sentence for her predator and recover her monies to solve the problems staring at her in the face in Germany.

It took me considerable time and effort to persuade her that the lover turned fraudster and now arraigned before the Ghanaian court is entitled to justice. Besides, the criminal justice system has not expedited delivery unless the accused person pleads guilty at the end threshold.

I educated her that it is at end of the trial that restitutionary orders could be made in her favour. My role in the criminal trial was a background work with the prosecutor in terms of legal advice relating to the professional conduct of the case, which said role I played.

I further advised that if no favourable restitutionary orders were given at the end of the criminal trial, I will take on the civil dimension of the case to help her recover her lost treasure.

The distraught, hysterical and heavy-burdened woman could not understand why the judge conducting the criminal trial had to be transferred with the result being that a new judge should start all over again. Where did I go wrong in this?

She petitioned the General Legal Council. I have given my response. Now the General Legal Council, like the criminal court, is not a good debt collector I have been kind to Waltraud Wiesent. She is cash-starved. In the presence of her friends, she confessed she could not pay my professional fees in the sum of Euro 10,000.

I discounted it to Euro 5,000. She staggered the payment of discounted fees over a period of time. What is outstanding is Euro 1500, which I am not interested in.

This is what I have placed before the General Legal Council and I do hereby asseverate:

“Can she use the General Legal Council to demand a refund of her fees when work has been done?

Whatever consideration, our law firm may give to Waltraud by way of refund, will be on humanitarian ground and not on legal grounds.

She may come around for us to reason out a help package for her”.

I trust you will hold the balance even by giving me a front page headline and publishing my rejoinder unedited.

Yours faithfully

,Atta Akyea


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