‘Reject sub-standard products from China’

 Madam Yang

Madam Yang

CUSTOMS and other officials in Africa, have been urged to refuse any sub-standard goods imported by traders from China at the point of entry.

They should as a matter of policy, return such items to the manufacturers in China in order to discourage importation of inferior products by traders and their Chinese counterparts.

The counselor at China’s ministry of commerce, madam Yong Peipei, who gave the advice, said the officials should also inform their Chinese collaborators about the presence of such sub-standard products for the necessary action to be taken.

The appeal comes in the wake of complaints by Africans accusing Chinese businessmen of using Africa as a dumping ground for fake or substandard goods, in order to maximise profit.

It also forms part of a comprehensive programme outlined by the Chinese government in its 13th five-year development document of building a moderately prosperous country by 2020, which commenced this year.

At a press conference in Beijing, Madam Yang explained that China would increase its spot checks on goods being exported from the country.

She noted that due to the price differential of many African countries, the traders, due to sensitive nature of some consumers, connived with manufacturing companies in China to import inferior products into Africa to cut cost and make profit.

She said the Chinese government had taken a number of measures to help better the image of Chinese products abroad.

The Ministry of Commerce and other ministries, she said, had developed an action plan not only for African markets, but the rest of the world, which would help better the quality of Chinese goods.

In that regard, she explained that the country would pay more attention to the number of spot checks at the various ports before the goods left the shores of China.

Madam Yang further pointed out the commitment of China towards supporting the development infrastructure and other projects in Ghana and other African states, in line with the China-Africa cooperation.

Additionally, she expressed the commitment of the Chinese government to supporting African governments to fashion out programmes geared towards developing Africa in line with the objectives of the China-Africa relations.

She noted that the China-Africa cooperation had improved over the years and explained that China as part of its policy would not interfere in internal matters of African nations.

From David O.Yarboi-Tetteh, Beijing  

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