REGSEC asked to resolve land dispute

The Upper East Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has been called upon to intervene and resolve the land dispute between two factions in the region, to avert a bloody clash between them.

The Tindongsobligu and Kalbeon communities which are close-door neighbours have had long standing land disputes over the years, which keep recurring.

At a news conference organised by Tindaama Union of Bolgatanga last weekend, its spokesperson, Mr Anaba Ayelom, said the region over the years, has been peaceful and should therefore not be torn apart by conflict.

While calling on the REGSEC to work very fast to avert clashes, the group also called on President John Dramani Mahama to intervene.

Meanwhile the  people of the Tindongsobligu  community   who  expressed their unhappiness with  a court ruling  in favour of the Kalbeon community over the sale of a land, are claiming ownership of the said land, hinting they would appeal against the ruling.


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