Reflections On G-8 Summits (5)

obama-bestWhen America sets the pace, the other rich countries (like the UK, Canada and the Netherlands) follow suit.  They all impoverish you and at the same time cry for you for being poor – a classic case of crocodile tears.

If you have never applied for an American visa, chances are that a relative or a friend has been robbed this way.

As for the immigrant visa, the torture they put you through is beyond reason.  Sometimes, they have the nerve to ask for a DNA test, which must be done only in the USA to enrich them at your expense. And each of the series of costs is huge!  Eventually, the application may be denied. Here are rich people crying for you for being poor!

And they are breaking up many marriages! Marriage is a very difficult institution already, and they break up your marriage recklessly and wickedly.  When they conclude by their so-called DNA test results that a child is not yours, to the unsophisticated mind, the wife had been unfaithful, and before you know, the marriage is gone.

Even if the child is not yours, what does it matter since you have raised him/her unknowingly as your own?  Even more troubling, DNA tests are not fool-proof.  There are 10 systems in a row and a few of them may not match your blood line exactly. And what if the doctor is incompetent?

So, they take huge amounts of money from the person they pity and cry for on account of poverty, break his marriage and later on come back to impoverish him further by informing him of his right to appeal. More huge fees!

In the first place, who gave them the unethical right to pry into your privacy and inform you that your wife had been unfaithful? And what if you did not want to know?  They cause you emotional distress with impunity!  Always imaginative, they have now brought Visa Lottery – again, to enrich their nation and impoverish you.

If you arrive in America as a nurse, you will never be accorded your dignity. Rather you will only be engaged in a nursing home taking care of their old people – a menial job that Americans do not want. How frustrated nurses from Jamaica beat the old people! In London, Ghanaian student doctors work under Filipino nurses. And how the nurses maltreat them!

In the advanced countries, America applies the international rules to the letter.  In London and Paris, for instance, you do not even have to go to the US Embassy. You mail the application and if the visa is not given to you, your money is not taken with any funny explanation that it is used to cover administrative costs.



America will never cheat this way in Paris, for the Parisian’s morbid dislike for the American is rooted in economics.

Some long time ago, a big American company (HQ) had a subsidiary in Paris (SUB).  Comparative advantage made each concentrate on certain lines of product.  If the HQ or the SUB needed certain items, they would buy from each other.  Cost price was to be used for accounting purposes.  However, America, with their propensity to cheat, was using the selling price on the books.

This has the effect of distorting the comparative annual income statements as the net income at the HQ would be huge compared to that of the SUB, meaning the HQ performed better.  And since bonus was based on the net income, American workers were receiving fat bonus cheques.

The cheating went on for a long time till one day an accountant from the SUB went to HQ on official business trip.  Reviewing the books, he stumbled upon the cheating.  Riled up, upon his return to Paris, he spilled the beans!  Immediately, there were riots!

Since then, the Parisian has been hostile to the American wherever they met, especially, in the diplomatic field.  A case in point is the appointment of Kofi Annan as secretary general of the UN.

Because America backed Mr. Annan, France took a different tack, proposing and pushing for an Ivorian candidate.  All countries rooted for Mr. Annan, but France with its veto power, held out, unnecessarily holding up the election process, letting go at the last minute when resistance became meaningless.

Even today, American diplomats transferred to Paris still suffer the wrath of the French. American Foreign Service officers are moved from one country to another every two years. The French so reviles the American that an American diplomat transferred to Paris starts praying for God’s protection.



An American journalist, who went to Paris to cover the 1998 World Cup  Soccer, reported his ordeal at the stadium: Philip Bondy of The New York Daily News went to the stadium early because “the early bird catches the worm” and he did not want to miss any part of the fun before the actual match.  But when the officials started handing out the press passes, they kept bypassing him.

When he complained they shouted him down: “Fuit de camp, voleur!” (Get out of here, thief!), calling him, “le chien” (dog), “l’imbecile”, among a host of other hostile epithets.  In the end, he was the only one left sitting in the room.  Eventually, the match started before he was served.  The early bird caught no worm!

The American can never take the visa fee from a French applicant without giving out the visa!  That would be the end of the world.  Already their diplomatic notes to the French Foreign Ministry are put on the back burner long enough.  In the former French colonies in Africa, the French attitude toward the American is the same.  The American shivers when he/she has to counter the French.



When complaining, Americans are quick to whimper that, had it not been for America, France would still be in the jaws of Hitler, alluding to the liberation of Paris by General Patton.

During World War 2, General de Gaul’s France laid down their arms at the sight of the Germans because they did not want war to destroy beautiful Paris, preferring to move out to form an underground group led by lanky, impatient and fastidious de Gaul.

But the resistance could not accomplish much until Patton emerged on the scene, entering Europe from North Africa, sweeping and liberating occupied cities as he went along.  When humiliated by the French, Americans refer to the liberation all the time.

Now America is here to exploit our oil, an excellent opportunity to impoverish us.  And they will certainly swindle us, for that is all they know how!

They trick you with development assistance programmes so as to win your trust and love.  And while “helping” you, they scan the terrain and take away your resources, leaving you destitute.  Next, they cry for you for being poor. Then they “help” you further with more loans and take in return one hundredfold.

America is that type of neo-colonialist that can rob you of all your food and even open your mouth to pull out the dirty mashed-up morsel and eat it too!

After we are dead and gone, they can foment secessionist trouble and help the Western Region to break away from Ghana just as they did to Columbia in the 19th Century, breaking Panama off Columbia to enable them construct the Panama Canal. In a series of articles (captioned: “Ghana’s Crude Oil – beware of America!”) that appeared in The Ghanaian Times last year, I warned and advised Ghana to make the Western Region out of bounds to America, citing also of what they were doing to Equatorial Guinea. By Rodger Agyin


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