Recycling competition for pupils in Gt. Accra, Ashanti

Mr. Ashok's profile pictureMore than 5,000 pupils in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions are to benefit from a recycling campaign designed to build a sustainable and healthy future environment for the children.

The campaign, initiated by the Mohinani group of Companies, is in the form of a competition, and aims at educating pupils and their communities on waste management.

It is also to instil in them the habit of proper waste disposal and make use of dustbins to promote a clean and healthy environment in Ghana. This will also include recycling paper, plastics and cans.

Mr. Ashok Mohinani, Executive Director of the Mohinani Group, who announced this in Accra, said the campaign formed part of its commitment towards recycling plastic and carrier bags and, thereby, reducing the pressure on the environment.

Under the theme: ‘Celebrating our past, Inspiring our future’, the competition which will begin this month, is part of activities marking the Mohinani Group’s 50th Anniversary in Ghana.

The campaign targets pupils between the ages of 9 and 13 years in 20 selected Primary and Junior High Schools in the two regions.

Mr. Mohanini said: “The Mohinani Group of Companies wishes to be at the forefront of a change in Ghana that recognises that not everything we throw away is waste, and that so much of what we do not need can be used again.

“As we celebrate this significant milestone in our journey, we would like to reaffirm our continued commitment to giving back to society in an environmentally sustainable way,” he emphasised.

Mr. Mohinani said recycling should be a way of life for everyone, but starting the education process with pupils would ensure that recycling became part of the pupils future, adding that the competition would serve as a means to encourage the pupils and their communities to re-use rather than just throw away.

“This competition will motivate our youth to recycle by suggesting ways to engage everyone in a fun, but educational programme that will involve students, staff and parents,” he explained.

The competition runs for two months, after which the participants will be awarded exciting prizes ranging from learning materials to waste disposal equipment.

Other activities scheduled to mark the anniversary include clean-up exercises, environmental fairs, a football gala and a photo exhibition depicting 50 years in the Mohinani Group’s history.

Touching on the Group’s achievements, Mr. Mohinani said it expanded its line of operations with the sole aim of meeting quality international standards to deliver the best to its consumers, adding that it was with this philosophy in mind that the initiative had been launched.

“Over the last 50 years, the Mohinani Group has grown into a diversified world-class group of companies with businesses and brands across the globe, with a penchant for innovation and industrial leadership”.

He said the group had employed over 10,000 people directly or indirectly; provided scholarships; educational infrastructure, access to potable water, supported entrepreneurial and community development all in an effort to make life better for Ghanaians.

The Group businesses include manufacturing (plastics and packaging products); distribution (consumer durables, electronics, electrical products); retail (office automation, tyres, building material); and international trade (polymers, chemicals and commodity raw materials).

The companies include Poly Products, Poly Tank, Poly Sacks, Poly Kraft, Sonnex Packaging & Plastic Industries, Somotex, Somoco, Electromart, South West Estates, Protea Hotel Select and KFC among others.

Currently, the Group employs directly over 2,500 people across the country.

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