Rectify safety measures on road in 2 weeks Road minister demands

A portion of the Accra-Kumasi stretch of the Suhum road

A portion of the Accra-Kumasi stretch of the Suhum road

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Mr Kwasi Amoako Attah has given engineers working on the South-bound Suhum overpass on the main Accra-Kumasi highway, two weeks to ensure it is safe to be open to traffic.

The overpass, which was said to be ready for inauguration, was found to have no speed ramps and pedestrian footbridge at the intercession while the streetlights on it are inadequate.

“We have assessed the road critically and we have realised that we have to put in few things in place to ensure total and maximum safety,” he said after refusing to inaugurate it on Friday night despite a long wait by dignitaries and journalists.

Mr. Attah explained that although the ministry was ready to inaugurate the overpass to enable motorists enjoy free flow of traffic, there was no need to rush it when his attention had been drawn to its safety implications.

“From the technical point of view everything is set but we do not want to rush to inauigurate it and later experience fatalities and accidents here,” he said pointing out the proximity of a school to the area and implications for students.

However, he was impressed with work done so far on the entire project and commended the contractor and engineers for their effort.

The minister’s refusal to inaugurate the overpass excited some residents in Suhum who, had before the arrival of the minister, agitated over the safety measures on the overpass.


For his part, the resident engineer for the project, Mr Apreku Anane Appiah admitted that there was the need for other features to the part of the facility to make it fully complete, although the main work had been completed.

He said the contract for the construction of the overpass was awarded in 2008 and was expected to be completed in three years but had been delayed due to some financial challenges and that if resolved, the road would be completed before the end of the year.





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