Re: dvla to introduce express service

I read the above piece in the Wednesday 27th January edition of your esteemed paper and respectfully write to make some commentary and reservations thereon.

It is axiomatic that Ghanaians naturally and by orientation do not have a flair for complaints.  They swallow whatever is churned out and “leave it to God”.

Thanks to our forefathers who taught and instilled in us, the culture of forgiveness.

As they put it, “if some has life, s/he has everything”.  This beautiful dichotomy, I believe, has been abused and, again, stretched to its elastic limit by those we have entrusted your destinies thereto.

I was pleasantly surprised to read the DVLA intended introducing “express delivery services as a means of increasing revenue and lessening the cumbersome nature of securing a driver’s licence and vehicle registration”.

I have qualms with both, regards the latter who made the process cumbersome?

I have said time and again and will safely repeat it here that DVLA is pushing too much into its throat which it knows very well it cannot swallow.

Firstly, it is yet to come out of the drivers licence financial saga, where millions of the tax payer’s monies have been squandered under the guise of “To err is human” — Where therefore lies the justification of “increasing revenue” via further burdening the tax payer again? Suffice to say, coming on the heels of this financial saga, the timing is problematic.

I wish to caution here that they should not hide under any “frivolous excuses” and or regimes to impose any form of taxes on Ghanaians without prior Parliamentary approval.

Added same, they have also failed woefully to implement both the retro reflective tape and seat belts regimes.

These two regimes are cash cows yet to be fully explored and exploited.

There are again, some aspects of the Road Traffic Regulations 2012, LI 2180, notably the decoupling of the registrations of tractor heads and trailers among others, which I believe, the framers of the law never lost sight of the financial gains associated therewith which DVLA has woefully failed to think through by implementing same and reaping fully therefrom.

I am again at a complete loss what DVLA actually means and meant by fast tracking the acquisition of driver’s licence.

I know for a fact that acquisition of a driver’s licence is a process, but here we are, being told of fast tracking — does it mean half-baked drivers to wreak havoc on our roads or what.

Again, their assertion seems to suggest that “ordinary” clients too not deserve “furnished waiting rooms with air-conditioners, plasma TV sets as well as comfortable chairs”.

This pronouncement is very disturbing.  DVLA has taken their customers for granted for far too long and should not have treaded there in the first instance.

What more, the hen that laid the golden egg for DVLA has been hacked off under the guise of privatisation.

I mean its Vehicle Inspection and Examinations arm.  This reminds me of a typical village hunter who sells his game cheaply, only to source less “proteinous” meat at a higher monetary value.

My heart aches, what has Ghanaians done to deserve such kind of leadership to the extent that providing ordinary comfort for clients should  be seen and considered extraordinary and a luxury.

My thinking was, the new leadership will think through, come out with pragmatic measures to address the teeming problems such as, DVLA staff conniving with “goro boys” to extort monies from the gullible public, issuance of fake road use certificates and registration of defective vehicles.

Their prime focus at this juncture should be thinking outside the box and finding solutions to the cumbersome nature of doing business therein among other evils bedevilling them.

The road leading to its regional office in Tema is in a very sorry state.

These are some of the issues they ought to occupy themselves with and get all stakeholders on board to fix same.

As rightly captured by its Board Chairman “Two years down the line, it appears that nothing much has changed”— these are not my words.

DVLA should therefore not hide under the cloak of “fast tracking” whatever.

An introspection of their activities which will change their fortune for the betterment of all Ghanaians is worth considering at this time and hour.

Osei Kwabena 0243579741

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