Ashasi University College Reacts: Dr. Alexander Tweneboah is not a lecturer at Ashasi University College

Yesterday, many news agencies carried the story of a group of people arrested for SIM Box fraud in Ghana. The story showed the remarkable investigative work of Ghana’s Criminal Investigation Department.

However, some news agencies inaccurately identified one of the arrested parties, Dr. Alexander Tweneboah, as a Lecturer at Ashesi University College.

On behalf of the Ashesi Community, I would like to respond directly to this.

Dr. Alexander Tweneboah is not, and never has been, a Lecturer at Ashesi University College.

In October 2011, he visited a session of our Real Estate Development class, in his capacity as President of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association, to speak on the topic: “Factors Shaping Real Estate Development in Ghana.”

We look forward to a full and unequivocal apology from the media institutions that inaccurately identified Mr. Tweneboa as a member of the Ashesi Community.

A trusted media is an extraordinarily important tool in helping advance a strong democracy, and we sincerely hope that the publications in question will do what is right.
Patrick Awuah Jr.

Founder & President,

Ashesi University College


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