Rawlings: I wish NDC wins 2020 elections

Ghana's former President Jerry Rawlings,Former President Jerry John Rawlings has clarified his statement suggesting it will be impossible for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to win back power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2020 general election.

Speaking on Friday the former President said he would wish that the NDC, a party he founded, wins the next general elections in 2020 but questioned the readiness of the party.

“Let me simply say, that I will very much want to see the NPP beaten but do we have what it takes? Do we have the capacity to be able to wrestle power from them?” he questioned.

The former President was widely reported Friday to have said the NPP would win the 2020 elections if it is able to sustain its performance within the next four years.

He was reported to have said: “If they [the NPP] do well in enough and so far it doesn’t look too bad,” they would win the 2020 elections.

Clarifying his position on the matter, former President Rawlings explained that for the NDC to regain power there are a lot of issues it must address, indicating that the party as it stands, has lost the moral high ground.

“The most important factor I believe has to do with the issue of the clean-up that needs to be done to restore our integrity.

“We don’t like to hear it but I keep repeating it, we have to go back, seek a moral high ground.”

“The manner in which the electoral process has been happening since Sunyani has not been encouraging.

“It’s unfortunate, most unfortunate how come we lost the moral high ground and I think they know what needs to be done,” former President Rawlings stressed.

He insisted that the NDC ought to do self clean-up but did not see the party’s readiness to at least confront the issues, saying, “I don’t think we are prepared to confront it or that’s what I’ve noticed about some of our people.”
Underscoring the importance of the grassroots of the party in winning the 2020 elections, Mr Rawlings said it was important that they are involved in the clean-up exercise, and be empowered.

“Let’s give the party back to them [grassroot], they are the ones who actually make it possible to win or lose elections, let’s respect their views,” he cautioned.

The former president also pointed out that it was critical for the top hierarchy of the party to come together to help restore and respect the values of the NDC. -3news.com

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