Rawlings: Ghana is worth dying for

Ghana's former President Jerry Rawlings,Former President Jerry Rawlings has subtly ‘hit back’ at brother of late President John Mills over comments he made to suggest that Ghana is not a country worth dying for considering how the memories and legacies of fallen heroes are hardly preserved.
Samuel Atta Mills at a brief memorial ceremony held in honour of his departed twin bemoaned the poor maintenance of his brothers’ graveyard years after his demise.

He was unhappy about the abandoned state of his graveyard, insisting that it was an evident indication that “Ghana is not worth dying for.”

Describing the remarks as ‘unfortunate’ however, former President Rawlings, speaking at the burial service of Highlife legend and National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member, Jewel Ackah said “Ghana has always been and will always be a country worth dying for.”

“I heard Mills’ brother said the country wasn’t worth dying for just because of the omission of some little grass-cutting duty around his brother’s grave, that’s most unfortunate.

“Ghanaians are great people, I’ve always said so and it’s a question of self-application, we just apply ourselves properly and let’s hope we will continue”, he stated.

Touting the feats of the late musician who was also a devoted member of the NDC, former President Rawlings described him as an ‘extremely principled’ person who “wouldn’t have joined us and been such a great inspirer as he turned out to be based on principles.

“Let’s take a look at what he represented, what he was, money didn’t come before his values, his values came before money”, he added.

The late Jewel Ackah was buried on Saturday after his demise in April this year.
Being a highlife legend and an active NDC member, the ceremony was largely attended by members of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), and also graced by some members of the NDC. –ghanaweb.com

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