Rawlings dared to name NDC corrupt officials

•   Former President Rawlings

• Former President Rawlings

A leading member of the National Democratic Congress, Alhaji Mohammed Saani, has dared the former President Jerry John Rawlings to name any corrupt officials perceived under the John Mahama administration.

Addressing a gathering at the 80th Ada Asafotufiami festival on August 5, former President Rawlings said he does not hate the National Democratic Congress (NDC), rather dislikes acts of corruption perpetrated by some officials of the party.
He noted that his unflinching stance against corruption had created the false perception among some NDC faithful that he hates the party.
But Alhaji Saani expressed his disappointment in the comments made by the former president.

According to him, such comments indicate Rawlings has expunged himself from the party and is only putting up appearance with the public.

‘When a supposed elder speaks like this, then you know he is no longer a family member.
“Exactly the reason why I keep saying he is not the only founder of our party. How can he be applauding an opponent? Well everything shows he is not an NDC member.
“He deserted the party when needed and he cannot be bothered.”

Alhaji Saani dared the former president to publicly name a single corrupt official in the NDC.

“He should stop blabbing. The former president is always making wild allegations and I dare him to name a single corrupt official.
“Why is he mute on that? He has no evidence, we are tired,” he stressed. –ghanareel.com

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