Ras Simposh releases “Martyrs Africains” reggae album

Sensational Burkinabe reggae artiste, Ras Simposh has released his maiden reggae music dubbed “Martyrs Africains.”

The track was produced by him as a tribute to all African freedom fighters who sought the well being of the Blacks over the past years.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Times Weekend in Accra on Wednesday, the multilingual singer explained that “Martyrs Africains” means African mighty and was released in April to educate Blacks to be united and fight for the development of Africa.

He indicated that the inspiration to bring Blacks together made him combine four languages like Moore, Bambara, French and English together to communicate to the understanding of the people.

The reggae artiste underscored the need for the generation to imitate the steps of Bantu Stephen Biko, a South African anti-apartheid activist, Thomas Sankara from Burkina Faso, Patrick Lumumba of Congo, Modibo Keita of Mali among others who were all African socialist.

The track, he stated was purposely sang to praise those past heroes and campaigned for Blacks to stay united and desist from any attacks that would destroy the image of the Blacks in the global world.

Ras Simposh appealed to South Africans to put an end to the xenophobic attacks that have sent the good people of the African race to their early grave.

Privately known as Ibrahim Simpore, the track he noted was deduced from “Africanised reggae,” which used music as a mainstream in deepening relationships between countries in Africa.

To spread his campaign for Africans to stay united and live in harmony, he called on the media and Disc Jockeys (DJs) in African continents to make it flexible for him to get his songs played massively on the airwaves.


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