‘Radio sports shows not for sports callers alone’

Asempa FM’s Sports Morning Show host, Kojo Mensah Moshosho has rejected threats from the leadership of the Sports Callers Association of Ghana (SCAG) to boycott the programme.

Moshosho said the claims by SCAG leadership lack merit and should be disregarded.

Reacting to a SCAG publication that stated their unhappiness about Moshosho’s refusal to open phone lines for members to contribute, the Sports Morning Show host told the Times Sports over the weekend that the station makes available other means by which listeners can contribute to the programme when the phone lines are not opened.

Moshosho explained that apart from the phone lines, the station uses other social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter to gather the opinions of the listeners and can therefore not be true that there is an attempt to stop a group of people from contributing to the show.

With the aforementioned alternatives, he said many more people are able to send their comments through while many more messages are read.

“It is very difficult getting opinions from members of the public who are not part of SCAG but one thing they (SCAG) must know is that the show is for every Ghanaian and not them alone. They hijack the line and become difficult for non-members to break through.”

“But with Twitter, Fcaebook and Whatsapp, we are able to read views of people from diverse backgrounds and that is our aim. We are not doing a show for sports callers.”

Moshosho made it clear that the station has no problem with the sports callers but warned that if they want to be part of the programme, then they must be prepared to play by the rules.

By Times Sports Reporter

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