The persistent breaking of cells by suspects in police custody in parts of the country, has put its security at risk.

This is so, because, these suspects are people who have committed heinous crimes against fellow human beings and are awaiting prosecution before the law courts.

Some of them, we are told, escaped with dangerous weapons, including sophisticated rifles and ammunition, which they stole from the armouries of the stations where they were being detained.

This presupposes that, they can use these deadly weapons to cause atrocities on innocent people or those who caused their arrest.

The rapid manner in which these cell breaks are happening, simply suggests that something is basically wrong with the country’s police cells, and needs to be addressed urgently to stem it.

It is difficult imagining how within a month, six suspected hardened criminals in three police cells in the Ashanti Region would escape from lawful custody in the full glare of police officers on duty. This is incredible!

Even though the Regional Police Commander is doing everything possible to have them re-arrested, we believe that the complicity of officers on duty when the incidents occurred cannot be ruled out.

That is why the Times is urging the Police Administration to delve into the incidents and ensure that the officers who aided these cell breaks, and those who do so are dealt with, in accordance with the law.

We are also encouraged that the Accra Regional Police Command is taking steps to ensure that all police cells within its jurisdiction, are well fortified, to avert any further breaks by inmates.

As we reported yesterday, the Commander has put in place such stringent measures, as installation of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at some vantage points of the charge offices, to monitor the activities of inmates and observe those who pay them regular visits. Besides, the gates to the cells, have all been fitted with burglary proofs, while the ceilings of the various cells, have been reinforced, to make them difficult for suspects to escape through.

In effect, the Accra Regional Commander is not taking any chances, based on what is happening in other police jurisdictions in the country and we commend him for his positive stance, and urge others to follow suit.

It is regretful that the Police Service which in the past, was regarded as one of the finest institutions on the globe, is now losing that accolade, in the eyes of discerning Ghanaians, due to the activities of some bad nuts and selfish individuals within its ranks.

These few greedy and disgruntled officers, are causing disaffection among the hardworking police personnel.

The Times urges the Inspector-General of Police and his able lieutenants to deal swiftly with these miscreants, who are bent on tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of the Police Service.

The Ghana Police Service must redeem its dented image at all cost.

And the time to do it is, now!

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