THE Ghanaian Times has still not overcome the shocking revelation that two cops and their civilian accomplices allegedly ambushed and attacked a bullion van and killed the driver.

However, the media reported yesterday that, the two cops who were later arrested in connection with the murder and attempted robbery of the Ghana Commercial Bank bullion van escaped while being transferred together with a suspect from Donkorkrom to Koforidua, in the Eastern Region.

The report mentioned the policemen as Corporal Elvis Solomon Mensah and Lance Corporal Kissi Abrokwah, who conspired with their civilian accomplices to attack the van on Monday at Assisi Farms, near Maame Krobo Junction in the Afram Plains South District of the Eastern Region.

We are not only shocked but surprised at the “Hollywood style” robbery and subsequent escape stage by the two police personnel.

It is hard to believe the narration, because what the two police personnel did is only found in films and can hardly be related to real life situation.

Indeed, it is frightening that the police could turn the guns that have been purchased by the Ghanaian tax payer for the protection of everyone, on the very people who provided the guns.

The attack and the murder of the driver of the van showed the ruthlessness of the criminal policemen who are also being paid with the tax payer’s money to maintain law and order.

It is an irony that while the ordinary Ghanaian would sacrifice to pay taxes so that the police and other security agencies could be provided with the necessary resources for their work, the payer has to bear the brunt of their selfish and criminal attacks on members of the public, who are going about their lawful duties.

As for the escape of the suspects, it is as bizarre as the robbery itself. We do not want to read meanings into the escape, but we cannot believe that the two suspects who were being escorted by their colleagues could escape without trace.

These are violent criminals who have murdered a driver and ought to have been escorted under heavy security.

We are aware that under such circumstances, the security services deploy strict measures and transported such suspects under heavy security. It therefore, beats one’s imagination how the police could look on for their colleagues to escape “just like that”.

Thankfully, latest reports indicate that the two cops have been re-arrested. We therefore urge the police to handle this case as professionally as they would handle any armed robbery case in the country.

The drama surrounding an otherwise serious case undermines the confidence that the public has in the police service. Continually, some police personnel continue to dent the image of the service with their criminal activities. It is time for the service to purge its ranks of criminal eleme

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