LISTENING to the Electoral Commission (EC) representative who revealed that some 28,000 persons were found to have engaged in multiple registrations during the just ended limited registration exercise one could clearly sense anger and desperation in her voice.

And quite frankly, she is justified in a sense for being angry about those who engaged in double registration.

Speaking to the media, Abigail Amposah Nutakor, who spoke on behalf of the EC, said some persons were found to have deliberately registered twice while others found their names in double registrants’ category by accident.

The Commission has set aside all those names found to have deliberately registered twice and will be denied voting in the November 7 polls.

We sympathise with the EC for encountering such deliberate acts from voters which continually bloat the voters register.

The voters register has become one of the contentious issues in the run up to the election and its credibility is a subject matter before the courts.

The least one would expect is that people would not seek to further bloat the register to deliberately register twice.

What it means is that people do some of these things deliberately and with mischief.

For example, how can someone who have been caught for double registration be described as “habitual double registrants found to have registered in March 2012, 2015 and 2016”.

How is it possible that in 2012, for example, a female with a short hair-style and smiling, registered only to resurface in 2015, with a long hair-style and a frowned face to register.  And yet, in 2016, she appears again to register giving different ages at different times.

If this is not mischief and a deliberate act to bloat the voters register, we wonder what is.

We do not have the power to change the law of this country but if we are allowed to suggest what should be done to these miscreants, we would suggest that the security forces find them and knock on their doors, arrest them and prosecute them.

The whole country is clamouring for a credible voters’ register and efforts are underway to clean up the register only for a few to make the situation worse?

We do not think that we should wait for them to attempt to vote before they are arrested,  engaging in double registration is a criminal offence and they must be sought and punished.

The current debate on a credible voters register stemmed from these negative activities and very stringent measures must be adopted to deter others from engaging in such negative activities.

We are all praying for a credible voters register and waiting for its clean up in readiness for the upcoming election.

An acceptable voters’ register would no doubt ensure a credible election and that is what we must all work towards.


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