The revelation that the two policemen on duty at the Denu Police Station at the time the suspected armed robbers escaped from custody were drunk and asleep, is quite disturbing.

According to our story, published yesterday, the two policemen were sleeping under a mosquito net at a distance near the police station, and thus abandoned their post, which paved the way for the suspects to escape.

The robbers were reported to have fled with weapons and rounds of ammunition, and could be lurking dangerously around Denu and its environs.

It was bad enough for the police to allow this to happen and totally unacceptable that dangerous armed robbers have been let loose, a situation which is dangerous to the entire community.

It is difficult to imagine why the Volta Region is recording criminal cases at such an alarming rate, in recent times.

The region used to be very peaceful, but it now appears that criminals are overwhelming it, this is sad, to say the least!

We are aware that the Ghana Police Service, the Ghana Armed Forces, the Immigration Service, as well as the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, are operating in the region, and this is the more reason why criminal activities should not be occurring at such alarming proportions.

The Times again appeals to the security agencies to gird their loins, and intensify their patrols to protect and safeguard the lives of the people in the region.

The story of the drunken officers, if it turns out to be really true, must be condemned in no uncertain terms, and they should be made to face the consequences of their unprofessional conduct.

We endorse the Police Administra-tion’s directive to them to produce the fugitives, and they must be produced, dead or alive.

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