Public Procurement Authority organises workshop for practitioners

The Public Procurement Authority (PPA) has organised contract administration workshops on goods and works for procurement practitioners.

Held in Accra, the workshops targeted personnel, including those of review committees and oversight bodies, who undertake day-to-day contract management at their institutions.  

Participants of the workshop included personnel from the private and public sector such as Danadam Pharmaceuticals, Ga North Municipal Assembly, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), from the Western, Volta, Northern and Ashanti Regions among others. 

Topics discussed at the workshops included Principles of Contracting, Basics of Contract Administration, Forms and Condition of Standard Contract for Goods and Works, the Contract Administration Process.

The participants were also schooled in  Monitoring Contract Modification, Claims and Settlement of disputes, Termination of Contract, Contract Records Management.

Speaking at the workshop, Frank Mantey, Acting Chief Executive of PPA, stated that the training was to equip practitioners with essential skills, to avoid the unnecessary time and cost overruns that were associated with managing public contracts.

Head of Procurement Unit for the Fisheries Commission, William Agbenu, said the workshop was aimed at training personnel of the procurement department in contract administration and management.

A procurement officer of the EPA, Mrs Thermutis T. Zogblah, indicated that the training had enabled her gain better knowledge in contract administration and management process.

The PPA since its establishment, has instituted a number of pragmatic and far-reaching initiatives aimed at ensuring maximum returns of the taxpayers’ money.

In spite of these, the procurement system in Ghana continues to grapple with a number of weaknesses and bottlenecks, including weak procurement capacity in both the public and private sectors as well as third party monitoring



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