IT is an established fact that countries which have developed economically, did so mostly because the local industries received the necessary support from the state.

The governments made conscious efforts to create the enabling environment through the introduction of appropriate policies and the necessary incentives for the companies not only to thrive, but also compete in the global arena.

And as part of their national agenda, the citizens are conscientised to appreciate their local products and patronise them.

The contrary persists in this country, where anything foreign is considered better than the local products and is preferred to ours.

Despite all the talk about promoting Made-in-Ghana products, very little has been seen by way of results, because even those making the calls on the people to patronise the local goods are the ones sabotaging it.

It is not uncommon to see very senior government or public officials openly exhibiting their preference for foreign products, including bottled water, at public functions, when there are equally good, or better local ones.

It is for this reason that the Times sides with the concerns expressed by President John Mahama, about the security agencies’ neglect of the shoe factory in Kumasi.

Addressing a meeting of the Council of State in Accra on Monday, the President reportedly denounced the security agencies for procuring boots from other countries, abandoning those produced by the Defence Industries Holding Company (DIHOC), and directed the Chief of Staff to meet the security commanders to reinforce his earlier directive to them to patronise the company’s products.

It is instructive to note that the Ghana Armed Forces is part-owner of the company, formerly GIHOC Footwear Company. Thus, it is very worrying that some of the security agencies would reject what could be termed their own, and go for foreign ones, and in doing so, flagrantly flout the directives of the President.

We suggest that steps should be taken to enforce the directive, and where necessary, sanctions applied.

It is time presidential orders are seen to be enforced and obeyed.  Those who, for personal interests, would want to be spokes in the wheel of our forward march, should be shown the exit.




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