Psychiatric nurses abandon patients

The front view of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.Nurses at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital (APH) yesterday stayed away from their working zones which they describe as ‘dangerous working environment’, following several fruitless attempts to get solution to their problems.

They complained of the shortage of basic logistics such as gloves, spirit, dressing solutions, face masks, plaster, sterilising cotton and gauze, detergents and medications.

They said the lack of medication made the patients relapse and aggressive.

A press statement signed by Ms. Jamilatu Hussein, chairperson of the Psychiatric Nurses Group (PNG), said the problems had persisted for years and patients and staff were exposed to high risk of infections.

The nurses have for the past weeks, been on a sit-down ‘Run from Danger’ strike, due to lack of medications, disinfectants, gloves, inadequate foodstuff and other working materials.

They have vacated their working premises but claimed they are not on strike.

Mr. Fredrick Asare-Donkoh, an executive member of the group, at the hospital,  stated  that their action had become necessary since the patients kept relapsing into the state in which they were brought to the hospital, due to lack of medications which made it more difficult for them to be handled.

“We have been hurt many times by these patients, and will start running for our safety, since most of the patients there have not had access to their medications for about two weeks now,” he said.


By Linda Naa Deide Aryeetey   


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