Prostitutes Attempt Lynching Teenage Boy

Picture 007Ten prostitutes nearly lynched a teenage boy dressed as a lady yesterday, after he went to the Bee Gees Joint, a popular drinking spot at Tema Community 7, to solicit for male clients.

Michael Affranie, 17, alias Kofi, was rescued by a Good Samaritan, and handed over to the Police patrol Unit. Briefing pressmen yesterday, the Acting Commander of Community 1 Police Station, Chief Superintendent Victor Amedeker, said the police patrol unit was on its usual rounds when a man handed over Affranie to them at about 2:00 a.m.

Affranie was seen at the Police Station dressed in a short pink skirt, a white blouse and a black coat, with a black ladies hand bag and gold slippers to match.

His hair was dyed in black and brown. His breasts were pumped up, and with his feminine voice, it was difficult to tell he was a male.
Chief Supt. Amedeker said Affranie is being investigated for impersonating as a woman to engage in commercial sex, and he told the police during interrogations that he was gay and went to the joint to solicit for clients.

Unfortunately for him, some prostitutes spotted and planned to expose him. Affranie told the police that he stood near a parked car when about 10 prostitutes came to stand near him.

“One of them, said she would like to befriend me so that we can go to her place and suck each other’s breast, but I turned down her offer”’ Affranie told the police, adding that another joined the fray and tried to remove a piece of rag he had used to prop up his breast but he resisted and she shouted “he is a man ooh!”

The others then joined and started beating him up and it was at that point that he was rescued by the Good Samaritan.

Chief Supt. Amedeker said before the attack Affranie said he had gone out with a client who paid him GH¢ 50, adding that he normally charged between GH¢ 25 and GH¢ 100 for a round and his clients included both Ghanaians and Nigerians.

Affranie also told police that he hails from Atonsu in Kumasi and that a week ago, he was lured to Tema by his colleagues, Lovis Owusu and one Emmanuel, who told him that there were more clients there.

He said because they did not have a place to stay, they went to hang out in empty stalls in the Tema Community 1 market during the day and in the night, went back to business.

When police searched through the bag he carried, they found three condoms, three lip sticks, two body sprays, a comb and a black pair of leggings.

At a point during his confession, some of the pressmen doubted what he was saying and Affranie stripped naked, stooped and asked those who cared to see the unusually extended entrance of his anus drawing a thunderous laughter in the acting Commander’s office.

Asked about where his colleagues were, he said Emmanuel was indisposed and Owusu had volunteered to send him to Kumasi.
Chief Supt. Amedeker said after investigations, Affranie would be put before court.
Godfred Blay Gibbah, Tema.

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